About us

Sabor Production Group was established in 1991 with the aim of raising the level of community health and nutrition through the production of high-quality health containers for food packaging. Therefore, relying on specialists and experienced engineers and the use of fully automated and fully advanced machines, he began to produce high quality products of excellent materials. Benefited from advanced laboratories and experienced chemistry experts in material formulation of high quality, transparent and resistant products to consume hot and cold foods to be patient. Sabour Production Group has increased its product range in recent years according to customer needs and has been able to produce high quality health products that are effective in meeting the needs of industries such as dairy and food industries such as restaurants, restaurants – fast food and dessert. Take sweets and ….

High variety of products color

Used the best raw materials
Unparalleled variety of color products
Unparalleled variety of products
Standard Certificate
health badge
ISO9001 certified
Unparalleled variety of products with varied colors

Production of high quality disposable containers