About Us


Sabor Company has been started working as an Iranian well- known family-owned business since 1991.  During the recent years, Sabor company has  impressive success due to enhancing its technical knowledge,  utilizing  the best experts as well as commitment to  its valued clients and could proudly set up sevral other factories. Currently, By having 4 factories we manufacture divers types of sabor productions that is  just a part of Sabor company strategies. The factory expansion plan is a part of the developmental goals of company which surly indicates unintrrupted effort and daily progress of this dynamic company.

At this time,Sabor Company has  numerous business customers all over the world especially  in the Persian Gulf area which is increasing day by day.

By utilizing  modern technology of the world, Sabor company is manufacturing many types of qualified products such as Drinking Cup , Black Base Container , Microwave Container , Plastic Bowl , Plastic Salad Container , Printable Yogurt Container , Plastic Tray & Plates , Crystal Containers , Cutlery & Sets , Paper Products(Pizza Box – Hamburger Box – French Fries Pouch – Square Food Box – Window Box – Lounch Box)  in order to provide variety of Disposable Food Packaging.

Since Sabor Company is known an specialized company to manufacture the “private lable” products, permanent health and quality of products is absolute responsibility and commitment to its clients.

Via strict quality control system fro manufacturing in all our factories, we are assured that the best products are available for the clients and it’s our main success secret to gain clinets’ satisfaction.



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