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Buying disposable Soup cups is very popular, whether for home use or in restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Of course, the quality of the purchased soup cups is very important for consumers. As a result, when buying a disposable soup cups, you should pay special attention to the quality and features of disposable bowls. Especially if you are purchasing Officer.
Sabor Co. has offered a high variety of disposable soup cups so that based on the type of use, the required volume and some other parameters, it is possible to choose easier. Some common features of all these disposable products are:

Suitable for food storage
Your customer is a home consumer or purchasing officer for restaurant, coffee shop, factory or any other complex; Ensuring the quality of raw materials so that food can be stored in these disposable containers is very important. Disposable soup cups of Sabor brand are made from Food Grade raw material. As a result, it is possible to safely use hot or cold food in them.
Due to the lack of human intervention in the Sabor soup cups production line, no contamination penetrates into these products. This production line is fully automatic and the robot is used to move and pack disposable soup cups.

Healthy against microwave radiation
All products offered in the disposable soup cups category are resistant to microwave radiation. As a result, it is possible to use these dishes in the microwave Oven. This is an important issue that the final buyer of these soup cups, for home or restaurant use, pays special attention to.

Biodegradable at your request
Nature and environmental protection are our priorities at Sabor Co. Like all our disposable products, soup cups can be Biodegradable. If this is important for you, can ask us when ordering.

Soup cup with lid
All Sabor brand soup cup have lids. Having a lid is a special advantage for this type of bowls and improves their use. Especially due to the epidemic of viruses such as Corona, having a lid for disposable containers has become especially important. Another important point is that all soup cups are leak proof.

Possibility to use hot food
The consumer can safely store hot materials in these containers. The manufacturing technology and raw materials used in the production of disposable soup cups are such that they will have no effect on their internal materials, even if they are hot.

print the logo
If you have a specific order for printing the logo on disposable soup cups, it is perfectly applicable. You can leave all the steps from design to printing to the Sabor Co. to print the full color logo with the highest quality printing technology.

ordering as a private label
If you are a major seller of disposable tableware, all kinds of Sabor soup cups are offered as a private label. In this case, without the name of Sabor, you can offer soup cups in international markets with your brand. All packaging steps will be performed with your logo and brand information. All kinds of Sabor disposable soup cups are available to traders in OEM and ODM form.

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