plastic Salad container

Serving salads and desserts is one of the most important requirements for reception at parties. Disposable salad bowls will be a popular option if they have the right features. Especially for restaurants and coffee shops. However, home consumption of salad dishes is not low.
The salad bowl produced by Sabor brand has significant features and that is why it has been able to attract the attention of traders. All disposable dishes in this category are of high quality. due to the mechanized production of salad dishes, also at a high level in terms of health.
Here are some of the most important features of a Sabor salad bowl that make it one of the best:

Suitable for food storage
These containers are designed and produced for storing a variety of hot and cold foods. Raw materials with appropriate food grade have been used in the production of these disposable salad bowls. As a result, the end consumer can safely use these dishes. If you are a trader, you can give this assurance to the buyers.
Another important point is the use of robots in the production line of these disposable containers. The automatic production line for the production of salad containers in Sabor Co. has made the possibility of contamination entering the packaging of these containers to a minimum.

Microwave resistant
When buying a disposable tableware by purchasing officer of a restaurant or even a housewife, it is very important to pay attention to the usability of the dish in the microwave oven. Fortunately, the salad bowl produced in Sabor Co. can be used in the microwave oven according to modern world standards and can be labeled Microwave Oven Safe.

Use of biodegradable materials
We are all responsible for nature. Sabor Company, as a manufacturer of disposable tableware, is trying to take an effective step in preserving the environment by using biodegradable materials. All Sabor products, including salad bowls, are renewable.

Suitable for storing hot or cold foods
One of the concerns of salad bowl consumers is use of hot ingredients, especially desserts, in these disposable containers. Fortunately, the technology of making a Sabor salad bowl is such that it is possible to store hot ingredients in it without worry.

orderable as OEM and ODM
It may be important for you to order as a private label. Sabor can accept orders for production and packaging of salad bowls in the form of OEM and ODM. Just select the type of product and connect with us.

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